We are an independently operated diagnostic facility with offices at Eastwood and Macquarie centre. Concerned with the best customer care possible we provide several accurate diagnostic tests, delivered in minimal time in order to facilitate urgent medical needs. We believe providing various different medical tests in one office is more convenient for patients, saves considerable time and allows for single reports that combine the results of several tests.


North Ryde Ultrasound patients, Marsfield Ultrasound patients, and Macquarie Park ultrasound patients are treated at our Macquarie ultrasound facility.

Our Eastwood ultrasound facility caters to Eastwood and Ryde ultrasound patients.
Both our Eastwood and Macquarie Centre ultrasound offices have equally modern equipment. Both offer x-ray and CT scan services.


Before your appointment please make sure you have a doctor’s referral and all health insurance information (such as Medicare details). Any prior diagnostic reports and any other relevant details should also be made available to our office.
Customers with Medicare details can have most services bulk billed.

Our diagnostic results and reports are available as hard copies or as files over the internet, assessable to referring doctors.